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India's No. 1
eTDS return preparing software
Sales : 033 2530 8077
Support : 033 2262 3535
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What's new in TDSMAN
  • Prediction of defaults
  • Auto Tax Calculation (For Salary & Non Salary)
  • Interest calculation
  • Download Bulk PAN from TRACES for minimizing PAN errors
  • Digitally Signed Form 16
  • Password protection option available

Other Product

Smart & easy software
for Cheque Printing

TDSMAN Editions & Price




  Rs. 3,500/- Rs. 6,500/-
No. of deductee records allowed 
for current Financial Year
30,000 3,00,000
No. of Deductors Unlimited Unlimited
Correction Returns Yes Yes
Default Prediction Yes Yes
Pan Verification Yes Yes
Auto Tax Calculation Yes Yes
Interest Calculation Yes Yes
TRACES Requests Yes Yes
Auto updates Yes Yes
Digitally signed Form 16 option Yes
Support Priority High Priority
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